Introducing Annual Bread Subscriptions with Chez Angela

From the first day we had the dream to be Westman's full-service bakery of choice, the vision for bread subscriptions was there. We wanted to re-introduce people to the legacy and culture of bread making that has sustained humanity for thousands of years. We are so excited to offer subscriptions to our customers to enjoy a weekly supply of fresh bread.

How do "Bread Subscriptions" work?

We're trying to keep it pretty simple! Your fresh baked bread will be ready to be picked up on your pickup day. You can prepay for the year to save a bit of money, or you can pay monthly if that works better for your household. You have the option to select "Baker's Choice" or "Bread Essentials".

As an annual subscriber here's what you get:

  • 50 loaves of bread or other baked goods - one a week - for yourself, to give away or to donate
  • One free(1) 6", 4-layer celebration cake to be redeemed at any time throughout the year
  • In-store specials on pastries and other items
  • Option to choose Wheat City Sourdough or two Baguettes (option for Baker's Choice)
  • Access to Chez Angela's "Test Kitchen" emails, to try new delectables
  • Exclusive access to pre-order certain products for upcoming menu features

You'll notice that there are 50 weekly items included in the subscription. That's because we value family, believe in rest and hope that you do, too! There will be two weeks per year where we shut down the bakery to recharge and give our staff (and their families!) some much needed downtime. Don't worry, we'll give you notice!

Wait, what's "Baker's Choice"?

That's the exciting part! We love to mix things up and bring in recipes from all over the world. Each week, you'll be surprised with something seasonal, something new, something cultural, something from your childhood or maybe just an old favorite that we keep bringing back. And, if you're not sure you'd like to try the pickle weave flatbread, we understand. You can always switch out for a loaf of sourdough or a couple of baguettes as well.

And What About Bread Essentials?

The variety thing doesn't work for everyone, and we understand! Many of our customers are regulars who enjoy a loaf of Wheat City Sourdough or a couple of Baguettes Parisienne each week, and our Bread Essentials lets you get your bread, guaranteed.

Sweet! Sign me up!

Awesome! If you've already got an account and a completed profile, you're all set. Just click on your preference below to get started. Need an account? No problem, simply head over to new account registration and get started (you'll also be prompted to fill out your profile).

Sign up for an Annual Baker's Choice Subscription

Enjoy fresh tastes and a variety of flavours, regional specialties and exciting international delights. We shake things up and you'll get over 20 kinds of different breads throughout the year.

Sign up for an Annual Bread Essentials Subscription

Get the staples you need for your household, and enjoy a loaf of our Wheat City Sourdough or two Baguettes Parisienne each week.

Okay friends, here's the fine print: (1) Free celebration cake is valid for your choice of chocolate or vanilla cake, your choice of pastry cream and your choice of colors and message. One week's notice is required to order. If you cancel your subscription prior to the one year period and you have claimed your cake, you will be required to pay for the cake in full.

Some of the breads you'll get to try...

Country Bacon & Cracked Black Pepper

Multigrain Madness

Cinnamon Swirl

Oatmeal Cinnamon Raison Bread