Donations from Chez Angela

We believe in sustainable giving.

Sustainable giving is when we can work with our community together to meet the needs of those we care about. We have a number of planned giving programs, as well as some that are by request.

Why do we live by this model? We value the work of our employees as well as the produce that we purchase from our local growers and producers. In order to verifyably demonstrate that to our staff and vendors we need our customers to participate in the process as well. We're part of an ecosystem where everyone has to work together to be vibrant, sustainable members of our community.

Because we always strive to deliver the most scrumptious morcels of culinary delights, we bake fresh every day and we don't have a "day olds" or "discounts" rack. Instead, we donate items each day to groups in our community because we believe that everyone should have access to our "first fruits" and be nourished with fresh, local baking.

Have you seen our products out there, but it doesn't seem to match the rules you see here? While the guidelines below are generally what we stick to, we have long-time customers, personal ties to charities/causes and passion-projects from our staff that also sway us, so we do colour outside the lines from time to time!

Community Services

Groups like The Bear Clan, Helping Hands, Samaritan House, school food programs and others use our breads to make sandwiches and distribute to those in need. They also share our less-perishable goods, accept our foods not served in catering with member of our community. Further, the women's shelter and various drop-in centres use our foods to help round out the table for homes in our city and support families who'd otherwise be without.

These are critical members of our community that are doing the good work on the ground and we are so honoured to be part of a community with such generous hearts. They inspire us to do more, to give more and help them to help our community.

If you would like to directly participate in this giving we encourage you to consider buying a our Good Heart Loaf. For every loaf we sell we also donate a loaf to a family in need through the services listed above!

Service Organizations

Each day we have some items that are a little more perishable, as well. Things that are best served the same day they are baked or items that require refridgeration are harder to coordinate with community services, so intead we bring those to the people who sacrifice and serve us when we need it most.

Three or four days per week we take dainties, pastries, biscuits and other treats to members of our police, fire and EMS services, to the maternity ward, the ER, other wards of the RHA as well as other similar organizations.

This is our way of getting to say "Thank you! You are appreciated!" to those who serve us in crisis. Rarely do we get a chance to interact with these incredible folks unless we're in trouble or in a moment of critical care.


Congratulations! You’re setting dates, getting invitations ready and planning the honeymoon. We’re so excited for you and your journey ahead! As small business owners – together ourselves for over 25 years – we are honored to be a part of your special day.

We get a lot of requests to support socials and wedding fundraisers. A lot. And while we’d like to help everyone, it’s just not possible! What we can do is this:

  • If you’d just like some donations, we can offer you gift cards for 50% off up to $100 total value. This is available for anyone with a letter for their wedding and can be used for prize draws, fun auctions and the like. For example, you pay $25 and get a $50 gift card for your prizes!
  • If you’re booking a cake with us for your wedding, we will throw in a $25 gift card for prizes, plus do the 50% gift card up to $100 value.
  • If you’re booking your cake and either a midnight lunch or your late-night dessert table with us, we will throw in a $50 gift card and do 50% off gift cards up to $150 value.

Please note that gift cards for wedding donations must be given as gifts to your guests and are not intended to be used towards your wedding expenses.


Fundraising for a Group? If your group - band, figure skating club, sports team, early learning centre, performance arts - would like to talk about fundraising opportunities we have a great program with wonderful returns. Most groups can easily generate hundreds or even thousands of dollars in profit, feeling great because they know they are supporting local jobs, growers and producers.

Are you looking to fill a lunch program? Daily, weekly or even monthly lunch programs can help your group generate revenues towards field trips, special projects or travel. It's also a great way to make sure your group has access to wonderful local food with easy to pronounce ingredients.

If you are a registered charity and you are looking for food for your event, we offer matching on all in-house baked goods. We can also include a $10 gift card for every $100 of food that you purchase to be given away as a draw prize.

Thank You!

We appreciate that you've taken the time to learn more about our model of giving and how we serve our community and we invite you to join in.

If you'd like to know more about fundraising opportunities with us please call the bakeshop, press extension 4 and ask to speak with Rebecca!

  - With from your friends at Chez Angela