Fresh. Every day.

The one thing our artisan breads do not have: shelf life. With only three or four ingredients in most of our breads, your purchase is best on the day of, or the next day.

Naturally Wonderful Breads

Our list of ingredients is pretty short and all the words are easy to pronounce. When your goods don't contain a list of 20 or more ingredients you can still get real, flavourful foods. Breads baked from scratch have been the staple of humanity for thousands of years, and we are proud to carry on this wholesome, healthy tradition. We hope that your family chooses our breads.

Our basic sourdough breads contain only three simple ingredients: flour, water and salt. Of course, we do like the wide variety of flavours and seasonings that different cultures have brought to bread, but we promise to always keep it simple adding only spices, honey, seasonings and locally-produced ingredients.

Because of this fresh, natural process, you will find that our breads won't last as long as the mass-produced breads. But there are lots of great ways to savour your purchase after their peak:

  • French Toast - This is so good with sourdough breads! Just take a couple of eggs, a splash of milk and a touch of vanilla and wisk it up. Douse your bread and toss it in a hot pan sizzling with butter for a few moments on each side.
  • Bruchetta - Slice your two-day-old baguettes into thin pieces and lightly brush them with extra virgin olive oil. Toast them on a pan at 325F until nicely browned. Chop up three small tomatoes, a clove of garlic and add a tablespoon of olive oil and teaspoon of balsamic vinegar. Season with basil, salt and pepper to taste and pile it on your mini-toasts.
  • Tasty Bread Crumbs - Throw the remainder of your loaf into a blender or food processor and mix until you have a fine crumb. Season with garlic salt and dried basil. Use the crumbs on chicken, or mix with a bit of olive oil and toast them in the oven for a delicious salad topping (great with bacon!). Freeze what you can't use for weeks at a time.
  • Homemade Croutons - Cube up your sourdough or French bread and toss with olive oil, coarse sea salt and garlic powder. Toast until golden brown at 325F, turning every 5-7 minutes or so, then add them to a Ceasar or garden salad.
  • Stuffing - The best stuffing is made from fresh-baked bread that is past it's peak. It has a wonderful flavour and holds it's texture without becoming a mushy mess. Go buy a bird, we'd love to be the bits that go on the inside!
  • French Onion Soup - It's a commitment, for sure, but French Onion Soup is possibly the reason why God invented stale French bread. You will not be disappointed if you venture into this territory!
  • Invite Nature to Your Yard - Look, we're not saying it's likely you'll have any so-called "left-over" bread, but if you do, break it up and toss it into your back yard. The birds and squirrels will love you!

We care about what we put in our food and how it is prepared. We buy locally whenever possible to support our fellow local producers and we prepare all our goods in a government inspected kitchen. Under Manitoba Health and Healthy Living, our food establishment number is 003693.

Local, Through and Through.

When we buy our ingredients, supplies and equipment, we make an earnest effort to source everything as close to our bakeshop as possible. Fresh-milled flour, dairy, honey, produce -- these are all available from folks who own businesses here in Manitoba, and we are proud to support them!